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There are different ways to open a file saved on your hard disk or a connected network drive:
  • Using drag and drop:
    • Drag the file from your file manager (Windows Explorer) to the ScriptIDE main window.
    • Note: It is not possible to drop the file over the code editor. Drop it over the title bar, tab bar or somewhere else.
  • Using the file open dialog:
    • Click on Datei -> Datei öffnen... and select the appropriate file.
  • Using the local files browser tool window:
    • Make sure the Lokale Ordner tool window is visible, e.g. by selecting Ansicht -> Local in the main window.
    • Select a folder in the tree view in the upper part of the window.
    • Double click or right click a file in the lower part to open it.

Click on FAV -> Verwalten to create and manage folder bookmarks. They will appear in the menu which opens after clicking FAV. Clicking a favorite will navigate to the respective folder.


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