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function addin_connect(application, connectMode, addInInst, custom)
gets called when the Add-in is loaded, either by clicking the Register button in the Code Editor, by selecting it in the Settings dialog or on loading the application.
  • application: reserved for future use
  • connectMode: 0 = AfterStartup (Register button or Settings dialog), 1 = Startup

function addin_disconnect(removeMode, custom)

function addin_getaddinwindow(PersistString)

function addin_onbeforeshutdown(cancel, custom)

function addin_onstartupcomplete(custom)

function addin_onnavigate(kind, source, command, args)
gets called when commands you registered via addin_path() are executed, e.g. when the user clicks on a ToolButton, a MenuItem or by pushes a Hotkey

function addin_onaddinupdate(addinChanged, custom)
reserved for future use

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