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This documentation page is in work. Please feel free to ask questions on the Discussions tab. You'll find some screenhots here.

How to install

Using ScriptIDE

Extending ScriptIDE

Structure Information for Add-in developers

  • Directory structure of Program and Settings folders
  • Add-ins
  • Add-in Tree
  • Protocols
  • Content Viewers
  • Property Pages
  • Commands, Toolbars and the Main Menu

Developing Lua Add-ins with ScriptIDE

Developing .NET Script Add-ins with ScriptIDE

Developing .NET Add-ins with Visual Studio


ScriptIDE Core Development

  • Directory structure of source code
  • Code Documentation: Sub-Projects, Classes, Services, ...
  • Explanation of important operations: Startup with Add-in loading; Click on AddinToolStripItem/AddinMenuItem
  • ...

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